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Jeremy Pape AKA Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game

Jeremy Pape

MY name is Jeremy Pape, I make videos under the name Konsequence and a collective called Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game and BFA holder from the University of Colorado. January 3rd 2012 I put out my first video "Turner Jackson's Star Destroyer". I started making videos in order to express how I feel since words aren't so much my thing. After a director in Atlanta (FIGZ!) saw the Star Destroyer video he asked me if I would like to shoot a Gucci Mane video with him tomorrow! I obviously said yes, bought a plane ticket to Atlanta that night, quit my job when I got back and now I do this.

1. "well here we are. Konsequence design company. Konsequence means more than a word to me, it's a life style. sure you could check out the definition of consequence in the dictionary to find its literal meaning, but what what's the point if it's not something you live by. as a result i took Konsequence and defined it for myself and decided that is what i want to live, breath, and create for. every piece that i have put online as my portfolio or will put on here should be something that encourages people to think about where their life is going and how their actions are creating Konsequences. I want to motivate, encourage, challenge, bring joy and most importantly bring change to people through my work. this site is just the beginning so get ready for some big changes with bigger Konsequences."

remember, it's one step at a time!

"God works in mysterious ways, so when he starts the job of speaking through us we be so sincere with this here" – Andre 3000

2. Don't Oppress Positive Energy. This is a collective of highly motivated individuals all over the United States that works together to make great art, all the while sharing positive energy between each other. We do art for the love AND the money. WE ALL eat off of our art, and take this challenge to create great works to not only support ourselves but to challenge others very seriously.