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Gangstaz on Acid

Gangstaz on Acid is a group devoted to bringing you what they call "Thugstep". Thugstep is filthy, twisted, psychedelic hip hop over dirty, glitched out, hard hitting dub step. With songs ranging from drug ridden debauchery to the struggles of life, and everything in between, they bring a unique style to the table. Gangstaz on Acid consists of three unethical party animals.

Jesse James Biatto

Jesse J Baiotto aka  Jesse James is a classic trailer park story, with years of drumming experience, his rock and roll blood bleeds into his lyrics to create a puddle of awesome.

Jeremiah "Boom" Castillo

Jeremiah Boom Castillo,aka boom Cee is a very creative quick spitter and also apart of the line up with some of Colorado's fastest lyricists, with a vast background of breakdancing, battle rapping, and a one-of-a-kind freestyle ability that's unrivaled.

EM Possible

Em Geeves aka Em Possible has been a singer all her life. She grew up listening to all genres of music, and says that exposure has played a key role in her ability to write lyrics. In addition to working on her personal artist career, she collaborates with other artists in Colorado. Em Possible has been working behind the scenes with GOA for a couple of months and has brought a new element to the group. She will be featured on their next album and you can catch her live performing with them at their upcoming events.