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Mike Knopping and the Party Factory

March 8, 2012

Event Details

Well folks, I'm as surprised as the rest of you, but some how Mike Knopping has survived an entire 25 years on this earth...even with all the debauchery and partying I've participated in! To celebrate I've created an amazing party themed after "Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory". Please join me Thursday March 8th for "Mike Knopping and The Party Factory!" *Knopping's Quater Century B-Day Extravaganza*!

We have rented a massive inflatable jumping castle shaped like a boxing ring, which we will have inflated right inside the club for your bouncing pleasure! 

Sexy Go-Go Foxy Boxing!!

NO factory would be complete without it's "little helpers". We will also have MIDGET FOXY BOXING!(Yes people.... MIDGET...FOXY... BOXING!) 

Sexy Go-Go's rockin the boxes all night long provided by Tantalized Dance

The most important thing for my bday is that everyone shows up and has a good time, (hence all the FREE shit I'm givin away ;) lol)

So rage with me on my 25th birthday extravaganza and lets get weird!!!

For questions or more info go to or text 720-690-7107


Where's the Party?

RockStar Lounge
940 Lincoln St
Denver, CO

Performances By

  • DJ Digi
  • Gangstaz on Acid
  • Dirty Little Thieves
  • DJ Mr Willis

Party Features

  • No Cover
  • Free Beer!
  • Free Shots
  • $125 Grey Goose Bottles in VIP All Night!
  • Massive Jumping Castle
  • Sexy Go-Go Foxy Boxing!
  • Complete with the factory's "lil helpers"
  • Midget Foxy Boxing
  • Sexy Dancers provided by Tantalize Dance


  • RockStar Loung
  • Tantalize Dance
  • Konsequence
  • Estee Zakar