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Michal Menert (PLM)

May 24, 2013

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Colorado-based Michal Menert comes from a complex musical background of playing guitar, keyboards, and dabbling in a variety of other instruments giving him a unique approach to composing his own style. Menert co-produced the debut Pretty Lights album, Taking Up Your Precious Time, released his first solo album, Dreaming of a Bigger Life in the Spring of 2010, and most recently dropped the mega-LP, Even If It Isn’t Right in April 2012. He also performs with Paul Basic under the moniker Half Color. His sound combines obscure vintage samples from both Eastern European and Western vinyl with rich analog synthesis and organic hard hitting beats. It is a fusion of yesterday’s elements and tomorrow’s ideas.

“Even If It Isn’t Right” is some of the best music I’ve ever heard. It is emotionally moving throughout, while maintaining a style that can rock the hell out of a party, and in its entirety it is undoubtedly a beautiful and prolific masterwork of stellar sample collaging and brilliant musicianship.
- Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights

The Underachievers are a hip-hop duo from Flatbush Avenue, NY consisting of Issa Dash (@ISSA_GOLD) and AK (@iunderachieve). They are currently signed to Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder and released their debut mixtape INDIGOISM on February 1, 2013. These guys are lookin to spark a revolution in this rap game, and just in time seeing as the Age of Enlightenment is upon us.

Where's the Party?

2620 Walnut St Denver, CO 80205

Party Features

  • FREE Drink before 9am
  • Sexy Go Go's
  • Amazing LED Production


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