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Lucent Dossier Experience

June 11, 2014

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“Creativity is at the core of our nature, yet in the course of our lives our creative desires are lost in the abyss of “impossible dreams.”

It now falls to us to rediscover our magical inspirations and release their free-flowing expressions. It is our destiny to make all things possible.

We must shed the spells society has accidentally cast upon us, and find out, for ourselves, who we really are and what we want from this incredible world of possibilities. We must find the strength to believe in ourselves and create our dreams into reality.

Lucent Dossier Experience is, at its very core, a playground for the innovative genius child in all of us. It is a collective based on magic and inspiration, living by the ancient wisdom of choosing confidence over doubt, joy over pain and love over fear.”

Where's the Party?

The Fox Theatre
1135 13th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Performances By

  • Lucent Dossier Experience
  • The Widows Bane
  • Jason Burruss

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  • Colorado Daily
  • Twist and Shout
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