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Gravitas Create Presents: Music Production Workshop hosted by Au5 & Psymbionic of Gravitas Recordings

September 21, 2018

Event Details

Gravitas Create Presents:
Music Production Workshop hosted by Au5 & Psymbionic of Gravitas Recordings

Au5 & Psymbionic host a music production workshop for both beginners and advanced students directly before the Denver Gravitas Showcase at Cervantes on September 21. They’ll share their methods of sound design, composition, workflow and more plus a Q&A session at the end. 

★ sound design
★ composition
★ workflow
★ all DAW users welcome
★ aimed at both beginners & advanced students

Ticket includes:
★ 2 hour workshop + Q&A
★ Au5 Producer Resource Pack Download
★ Psymbionic Producer Resource Pack Download
★ Download of all Gravitas Create Sample Packs ($150 value)
★ Printed copy of Gravitas Create "Tips and Tricks" (including notes from the workshop)
★ Short meet and greet
★ Entry to the Gravitas Recordings Showcase directly after


Gravitas Showcase from 9PM - 2AM directly after the workshop:

Where's the Party?

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
2635 Welton St, Denver, Colorado 80205

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