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The Diskoportal Experience Experiment 1:a “Time & Space”

March 11, 2016

Event Details

For one night only, that machine will be activated and it will open a gateway to a parallel universe! 
You are cordially invited to be a part of this experiment and we will put you right in the middle of the action as we experience alternate worlds and creatures from another universe. 
This... is the Diskoportal Experience!
Tonight we celebrate. Tonight we gather in an experiment through space and time...

Mobius Creations Synopsis:
In a time when the experience of live dance music events has begun to seem repetitive and Two dimensional, the question comes up: 
How do you do something different? 
How do you provide a new way of entertaining the masses? 
How do you raise the bar of what a nightlife experience can be?
The idea behind Mobius Creations has been designed to surround our audience with 360 degrees of live action film effects, live theatrical performances and the unexpected. 
We have gathered an enormous team of aerial performers, set fabricators, puppet designers and actors to create an event unlike anything ever witnessed in Denver's dance music community. 
The way experience underground events is about to change forever.
We invite you to be apart something new and enter the world of Mobius Creations...

Where's the Party?

The Glitter Dome
3600 Wynkoop St, Denver, Colorado 80216

Performances By

  • Claptone
  • Ardalan
  • Oliver Dollar
  • Casa Del Soul Reunion feat: DJ Foxx, Ty Tek, DJ Sensé, Wyatt Earp & Nutmeg
  • More to be announced

Party Features


  • Mobius Creations
  • Norad
  • Beta Night Club
  • Party Guru Productions
  • Mahesh Presents