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Bus To Show On-Board Artist Auditions 2014

May 10, 2014

Event Details

Bus To Show and New Basics Presents: The 2014 On-Board Artist Auditions.

Each year, BTS sends hundreds of buses to hundreds of shows with hundreds of on-board performances by DJs and Electronic Music Producers. We like to think of this as DJ Boot Camp, because if you can handle the adversity inherent in performing on a moving venue full of unruly partiers, then stationary venues will be absolute CAKE. Playing regularly throughout a season is also an enormously effective way of earning a following for your work. Many of the industry's most renowned artists have graced the BTS buses with their music, and we are committed to continuing this legacy.

Where's the Party?

Bus To Show
PO Box 733, Boulder, Colorado 80306

Performances By

The On-Board Artist Auditions are an opportunity for up-and-coming electronic music artists to perform in front of an all-star lineup of industry judges.

J U D G E S :

Nicole Cacciavillano (Sub.Mission)
Nick Callaio (Denver Disco)
Mason Whitener (Souls in Action)
LuLu Simone (Souls in Action)
Chrissy Greco (Souls in Action/Independent)
Mike Knopping (Party Guru Productions)
Ryan Garvey (Arise Music Festival)
Zach Karuzas (Mile High Sound Movement)
Au Hau (Crowdsurf Concerts)
Berk Visual (Elm & Oak)
Brianna Hernandez (Larimer Lounge / Red Bull Sound Select)
Katie Li (Purple State Productions)
Alex High (Purple State Productions)
Ben Travis (Just Ben / Whomp Truck)
Colton Chorpenning (Underline 69)
Patrick Reinhard (
Chapin Chieften Bouffard (
Greg Fisk (DJ Fisk / Treethugger / Grassroots California)
Marcelo Moxy (DJ Marcelo Moxy)
Chris Caligaris (DJ Godlazer)
Devan Castinado (DJ Gridlock)
Trevor Amos (Bus to Show)
JD Redmond (Bus to Show)
More TBA.

Party Features

S C O R I N G :

+80% of your score will be determined by the judges. They will be assessing you based on a variety of criteria from production quality to track selection, to mixing, to performance charisma, to ability to deal with adversity and all the realities that come with playing a bus set.

+20% of your score will be based on attendance. There will be approximately 20 spots on the bus for your fans. (Yes. This part of it is a popularity contest. Get used to it :) It's the music business we're talking about here. Non-industry judges, will need to purchase a wrist-band....don't worry though, there'll be enough give aways to make up for the cost.


  • Bus To Show
  • New Basics
  • Sub.Mission
  • Denver Disco
  • Souls In Action
  • Party Guru Productions
  • Arise Music Festival
  • CrowdSurf Concerts
  • Elm and Oak
  • Purple State Productions
  • Womp Truck
  • Grassroots California