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4th Annual Singles Day Soiree

February 14, 2014

Event Details

Singles Day Soiree'  is an annual Singles celebration held on Valentines Day. Singles Day Soiree' gives those of us not in a relationship an opportunity to celebrate being, young, sexy, single and free.
Ditch the old "Dinner and Drinks" routine and have dinner and drinks ON us, LITERALLY. Singles Day Soiree' will provide FREE shots of Elevate Vodka all night long. We will also provide you with Nyotaimori or (Naked Sushi) served off a gorgeous model. As well as Naked Desert to add a sweet finale to the course. Singles Day Soiree' will also feature sexy Go Go's, gorgeous models in intricate body paint and more!

Sounds Powered by SpydaTek, Dj Johnny Gear and Mr Rickdiculous
Lovely Dancers Provided by Element Dance LLC

Ladies-LIMITED "Day of event" are available for $10

*SOLD OUT*-Ladies $5 (buy your ticket pre-sale and get TWO ladies in with ONE ticket.)

Fellas-LIMITED "Day of Event" tickets available for $20

*SOLD OUT*-Fellas $10 (Limited tickets available. Nobody likes a sausagefest. Not even the ladies

LIMITED Bottle Service Packages Available. Contact Ashton Eve at 720.369.5032 for details.

Where's the Party?

Epernay Lounge
1080 14th Street, Denver, Colorado 80202

Performances By

  • Mr Rickdiculous
  • Dj Johnny Gear
  • Spydadek

Party Features

  • Free Shots All night courtesy of Mile High Spirits
  • Shot Luge
  • Naked Sushi
  • Naked Desert
  • Gorgeous Models in custom body paint
  • Lovely Go Go Dancers
  • and more!


  • Party Guru Productions
  • Elevate Vodka
  • Mile High Spirits
  • Element Dance LLC
  • Welcome To The Dope Game