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About Mike Knopping

Hi, I'm Mike Knopping. Like most of us, I began my partying career back in high school. I acquired my "Party Guru" title from my abundant knowledge of anything happening in the city on any given night, and constantly being the go-to-guy for anything worth doing. I lived to party and also enjoyed frequenting parties/events on a regular basis, but something was missing. These parties and clubs were all the same. I decided I would start taking things into my own hands. By my Sophomore year of high school I was hosting "underground parties" 7 nights a week.The parties that followed became legendary, polishing off 3 kegs at a 300+ person house party on Tuesday night became routine. So many people started to attend these nightly parties that I finally just stopped answering my phone and leaving all the information and directions on my voice mail daily. The "Party Hotline" was born and has become a corner stone of operations from that point on.

By college I became infamous for my work with "CFF" parties similar to "Girls Gone Wild." However, these parties were MUCH wilder... these parties have been hosted at EVERY college town across the great state of Colorado with incredible success!

In January 2011 I founded Party Guru Productions. Over our last few years Party Guru Productions has promoted and produced countless exciting events and shows.

Denver's largest singles party on Valentines Day

A massive 500 person scavenger hunt across the entire city

One of Colorado's biggest camping/music festival with over 1,000 attendees in only it's second year!

As well as countless cocnerts and shows with talent that includeds: Three 6 Mafia, Borgore. Baauer, Machine Gun Kelly, Break Science, Michal Menert, Paul Basic, Supervision, MartyParty, PantyRaid, Just Blaze, EC Twins, Rainbow Wheel Of Death, Cherub, EPROM, Z-Trip, Twista, Dilated Peoples, and more!

My number one priority is to ensure that you have that night of your life and party like a rock star! I strive for unique exciting events that stand out. With out party animals like you, Party Guru Productions wouldn't exist. So it's important that you are beyond pleased with every event I put on. If you want to learn more about me, come party with my crazy ass at the next Party Guru Productions Event!

Party On!